Vintage Tuesday: 70s gardening pinnie

I’m in a stitches and craft frenzy. Wall decals have been ordered, new table cloths are being sewn up, signage is being put together. I’m having a double stand at the show and with the extra space I would like to make a good impression. on all you Victorians.  In my vision of a perfect stand I’d be swanning around in new yellow pinnie made from this 1978 pattern. It’s one of many seriously cool things (and one or two shockers) in the Readers Digest “Useful things to sew” book.


There’s just one major flaw in this vision – I’m pregnant.


I have to tell you that the 70s were not kind to bumps. Bubba Waring the 2nd  is growing at a rapid rate and, quite simply, will not fit into anything unless it’s elastic or smocky. We could fast forward to 80s maternity fashion but  puffed up princess Diana in a smock with bow detail is simply not part of the look I was going for. Damn!

2 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday: 70s gardening pinnie

  1. Oh, that IS a shame… Because that is one funky pinnie. I’d die to swan around in one. But even sans bump, I think bosoms would preclude it! I hope you find a preggers-friendly equivalent…

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