8 more sleeps

I was reading Jodie’s Ric Rac blog yesterday and she had a gorgeous softie saying  “9 more sleeps to stitches and craft”. eeeek!! And that was yesterday so now it’s only 8!  It’s not that I didn’t know that it was around the corner it’s just that 8 more sleeps makes it that bit more exciting. I’m almost there with the preparations.  Most of the kits and patterns are packed but I do have a stack of samples to make. Three sausage dogs, two pups, three owls and two mobiles to be exact.  So in the lead up to Melbourne I’m going to try and post a softie a day. First up is this little pup who I absolutely love. He/She (not sure if it’s a boy or a girl?) has vintage seersucker fabric under her ears and the cutest little patterns around her feet from the pattern on the sock.


6 thoughts on “8 more sleeps

  1. I had the same thought as Sue! You really could have a ‘super dawg’ if he had a cape. Good luck with getting ready for Stitches and Craft.

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