Balloon Nursery inspiration

I originally had in my head aeroplanes and fluffy clouds for the bubbas Nursery. I’m quite obsessed with travel and there’s something about clouds and the sky that is quite innocent and day dreamy. Then hot air balloons started appearing in the clouds, floating and colourful.  This happens to me a lot… I’ll start with a very firm idea and then while I’m not looking my mind will wander off to something else. Here’s a collection of inspiration that I’ve been gathering over the past few weeks.

A vintage poster that I’ve loved for a long time, I first saw it in a poster store in Paris…

Love the flags and decorative elements on these ones. What is it about circus colours and imagery?

Stunning poster found on flickr, Kindercastle poster by Alicia Waters

Can you believe this is a cake?  Air Balloon Cake by Sweet Tier

Fabric that I bought from Ikea last week. I fell in love with the colours and especially the little flags. They also do a little soft toy balloon and stickers to go with it but I can’t say that I really love them, so I’m going to design my own.

Now that I’m all inspired I have some serious sketching to do.


11 thoughts on “Balloon Nursery inspiration

  1. Beautiful idea Claire. I only have a few weeks to go and there is still so much to do in my bubs nursery. I finally found something I LOVE for the baby moses basket to be dressed in but now I actually have to find the fabric! argh!! I hope I have enough time as I feel so blessed to already have been given so much time already. Im currently 33weeks and LOVING being pregnant. I hope you are doing well x Im so sad I didn’t get to visit you while in Melbourne I really wanted to attend. Enjoy searching and creating a beautiful nursery xxx

  2. Cute! I have papier mache hot air ballons that I got in a house clearance place years ago. Finally getting around to painting them for my daughter’s room. Have you thought of making any – they should be a breeze and would look great!!

    • Hi Alicia – thanks so much for your comment. I really do love that poster… the illustration and colours are just gorgeous. Now I just have to get around to actually making the balloons. I’m in the middle of a big bout of craft procrastination… eek!

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