New Books

I took advantage of Mr Schmaft being in London with a little retail therapy on At one stage I was a little concerned about the weight of the gigantic box that I had ordered but the man was in business class for god’s sake… I thought he could deal with it! Amongst lots of novels, cook books and books for Oscar were these two…

Amy Butler’s little stitches – I love the Kimono PJs, the mummy PJs, the little booties, the snuggle wrap and the nappy bag. The only thing that terrifies me is the interfacing. I’m a newbie when it comes to anything but basic interfacing and lots of her patterns use a combination of 2-3 different types of interfacing. eek… thank goodness for Craft Room where the lovely Belinda, Kelly and Sophie sorted me out!

The other book I bought is Dozens of ways to repurpose a tea towel. I love a good vintage tea towel but can’t actually bring myself to use them for drying dishes. It just seems wrong! I fell in love with the bag on the cover so that’s the first project off the list…

There’s also aprons, purses and all sorts of other projects, I’ll try and get some pics and post soon.

6 thoughts on “New Books

  1. he he if he’s in business class without kids being waited on I think he can deal with one big box. I have In stitches and its great I’ve only made the pj pants but I really like the cushions and will make them if I ever get time.

  2. Does your Little Stitches book really have those mommy PJs in them? Mine doesn’t and that makes me sad. I want some matching pajama pants! (By the way, the pants in that kimono set are VERY shallow in the crotch. If you make them, I’d recommend adding a good 3″ to the top.)

    • Oh you’re so right, it doesn’t have the pants in there… how annoying!! Thanks so much for the tip on the crotch, will look out for that.

  3. What a perfect splurge! Your going to be so comfy in your new pj’s… they are for you right? Like you I have a small collect of tea towels to refashion, I might pick your brain… or book sometime hehe

    xo Steph

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