A whole crafty weekend

This weekend I went on a crafty weekend away with the lovely Belinda, Cass, Bianca, Fiona and Jade. There was good food, great company and the hum of sewing machines as everyone dove head first into sewing. I didn’t take my camera so I’ll have to steal some pics from Belinda but I did manage to take this show of the spectacular view from the house we stayed in.


I worked on creating a new hood for the bugaboo which was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done – the actual sewing wasn’t difficult but tracing the hood to a pattern and then figuring out the construction was very tricky. I couldn’t have done it without Fiona’s help. I was doing celebration dances last night when I got home and it fit! Hooray!!! Only problem now is that I don’t like the placement of the pattern so I may just have to make another one. I also whipped together a doona cover and pillow case for Oscar out of Erin Michaels 5 funky monkeys. Such a dream in comparison to that hood, let me tell you! It was greeted with “Wow mummy, thanks!” from the munchkin. Very high praise indeed.


It was such a treat to have an entire day on Saturday to just sew – no interruptions, no packing things away just pure, unadulterated sewing. Bliss.

10 thoughts on “A whole crafty weekend

  1. I am so thrilled that the hood fit the pram but bummed out that you were not happy with the design placement. Do share photoes of the finished hood once you are happy with it.
    Thanks also for the yummy anzac biscuits for afternoon tea!

  2. hey there,

    have just spent too much time loving your blog this evening!! jsut bought your owl kit and cant wait to get started…i was looking for this when pregnant with my first boy (he’s almost two now) but since i am pregnant again, this is the perfect find…your owl mobile has just set the theme for my entire nursery! love it!!

    hopefully i’ll be able to get stuck into it tomorrow!!!

    wish me luck : )

  3. Hooray it fits, that’ll be the best dressed bugaboo in Manly!

    Thanks for the fab company lady, lots of fun.

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