A little break

I’m up in Far North Queensland for a little pre-baby break. I’ve come without any sort of craft project… zip… nada… none. Already experiencing craft withdrawals but I do have my sketch book running wild with ideas.

See you next week!



5 thoughts on “A little break

  1. Have a nice break! I would feel withdrawn from craft too:) but it nice sometimes to get some time off, get some perspective on things and let imagination to take you somewhere new, isn’t it!?

  2. hi there,

    i am so in love with your owls! i purchased your patterna few weeks ago, but am yet to get a perfect one…practice makes perfect!

    i have been sstalking through your old posts, and came across an awesome wooden tree that you displayed all your owls on at the market….do you know where you got it…it would be perfect for my nursery, if i ever get enough owls done!!!

    hope your enjoying your babymoon- we arent that far apart by thr looks of things- i am due sep, with no 2 boy…yay : )


    ps i blogged about your delightful owls..hope you dont mind 🙂

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