Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair

Last week was manic getting a big order packed to go to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair. Kelani Fabric are having a stand there and will have a section just for Craft Schmaft patterns and kits – hooray! I made up a new Sausage Roller with legs rather than wheels (the pattern shows you how to do both) just for the occasion.

The fair runs from the 22nd-25th of July at the Melbourne Exhibition centre. I wish I could go but I think security would be called if I even attempted to get on a plane with my belly at the moment!


6 thoughts on “Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair

    • You’r right Danielle, Melbourne is the true home of crafty markets – I’m in Sydney which has it’s fair share but doesn’t quite reach the crafty heights of Melbs

  1. I haven’t a skerrick of doubt that the belly is doing blooming pregnancy glamour but I reckon you should enjoy that reprieve (thank you airport security) and park yourself in front of the fire with those sticks…

  2. I’m heading to the show on Thursday and I can’t wait. I’ll be sure to stop by Kelani Fabrics and check out this little guy! 🙂 I have a baby owl sitting on my windowsill called Oswald. I will get around to posting photos on my blog soon…

    🙂 Kim

    • Oswald is such a great owl name! I should warn you though… the Kelani stand is full of temptation.I can’t go near it without going nuts on fabric. Enjoy the show.

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