Vintage Tuesday: Poodle Bottle Cover

Crochet Poodle Bottle Cover

It’s been a while between drinks on Vintage Tuesday pics so I thought it fitting to show you this crocheted poodle bottle cover. Solid Gold I say. It’s from an Australian book called Handcrafts by Kit Harrison. Published in 1972, this book is so packed full of gems I sat on the floor of the op shop giggling for 10 minutes before I managing to haul myself out of there.  The inside flap reads…


“….Mrs Harris draws from her broad experience to expound a varied range of needlecrafts from beginners’ items such as curler bags and oven mitts to the ore complicated lamp shades and fancy dolls”.


Fancy as they are I think these words are underselling the craftacular creations inside. Stay tuned for next week when I post the pink Tulle swan and toilet seat cover!


4 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday: Poodle Bottle Cover

  1. Don’t! Don’t! I don’t think I can bear the pink swan… and a crocheted loo seat cover… eeeek! I just love vintage 1970s kitch… how did we/our parents ever think it so cool…. just wait until our kids look back on our creations 😉

    Great post!

  2. I just reserved the display case at our local library (Jan. 2012) for my Friends of Tacky to present our collections of crocheted critters and safety pin/beaded baskets.

    It will be a hoot, and much better than this month’s offering of Fisher-Price toy people!


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