Balloon Nursery: Fabric dilemma

This morning I laid out all the fabrics for the quilt. This is one of my favourite things to do, I love that you never know which fabrics might work with others. Guaranteed some that you thought would be perfect together suck, and others make an unexpected match.


I thought I was all set to go after discovering quite a funky look with some umbrella prints fabric that I adore, the clouds and Heather Bailey’s stripes. Loved it… quite pop retro but surprisingly working well.

Then, of course, I had to keep playing around with some idea fabric I bought ages ago with this quilt in mind. I don’t like the whole piece of fabric but when I folded it to just show the strips that I like it worked. Suddenly the quilt looked all whimsical.

So my dilemma is this: pop retro or whimsical?


I also spent the morning creating a pattern for the balloons and sketching out the clouds which, I’m pleased to say, has worked. It’s all very rough but I just wanted to get the pattern pieces ready so as soon as I can finalise my fabrics then I should be able to whip up the mobile.


11 thoughts on “Balloon Nursery: Fabric dilemma

  1. I think neither, just very cool!! I love the end result picture with the hits of red against a mostly blue ground… And that pennants fabric is wonderful…. I wasn’t sure about the choices in the first picture but as the combinations developed and you just showed tiny amounts of the red I was converted 🙂

    The mobile is going to look very cute… Are you going to put little baskets below the balloons or are these party style rather than hot air??! 😉

    Good luck for the remaining weeks x

  2. I am going to be a stick in the mud and vote POP RETRO… My vote over rides all previous votes!! Lol

    I think the “noonies” look fantastic!! In my mind i see large thimbles as baskets!!

    Xo Steph

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