Just us today

With Mr Schmaft back at work it’s the first day of just bubba and I together. A lovely calm before the storm of having both my boys, on my own,  tomorrow. eek!


9 thoughts on “Just us today

  1. Awww… You are going to have so much fun with them… Don’t worry about anything… Don’t touch the washing either!! Just relax and enjoy the day!! Big love Steph!!

  2. Totally gorgeous!!! I have a photo of my big lad in his dads arms like that 🙂 Cullen just ate (a lot) and slept and was quite happy in his baby sling and then the pram so looking after both boys was easy….Good Luck xx

  3. good luck! I just adore this photo too, so precious! he’s a little doll.

    retro daddy has 3 weeks off and I’m dreading the return to work because it means 4 kids and me………..all day…………..but maybe I’m just dreading the dinner/bath/bed bit most of all!

    hope you’re enjoying your new little man

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