Productive procrastination

I am a queen of procrastination and today is no exception. I should have spent the hour while bubbas were sleeping constructing a pink owl mobile. Instead I got carried away with an advent calendar idea. I’ve wanted to do an advent calendar ever since the very clever Amelia told me about hers at Craft Room last year. Oscar would love it but I’ve been so busy with Mathildas market prep that I haven’t had a chance to make one.


A picture in Donna Hay gave me an idea for using these plastic baubles from Ribbons Galore – I plan to adorn them with fabric and fold up a little note of an advent activity for each day. It’s a perfect no sew, stash buster solution.


Heres my hour of procrastination list of activities so far, in no particular order. Any more thoughts? Do you do advent calendars with your kids?


Put a present under a tree for charity
Watch an xmas movie
Decorate house with Tinsel
Help Nan decorate her tree
Make Christmas cookies
Go Christmas shopping for daddy
Visit Santa
Drive around and see xmas lights
Go to Christmas Carols
Make xmas card for best friends
Write a letter to Santa
Dance to Xmas music
Have a bubble bath (make Santa Beards)
Play with red & green playdough
Wrap up some presents
Read story about baby Jesus
Read night before xmas
Make Jingle bell bracelets- Use pipe cleaners and lace beads and jingle bells on them
Have a candy cane – yum!
Have an xmas chocolate
Colour in a christmas picture




Repeat after me… procrastination is good, procrastination is good!



8 thoughts on “Productive procrastination

  1. Love it Claire! We have most of the advent activities you listed, but we also have a couple like eat icecream for dessert, choose what we have for dinner, have a picnic dinner, visit grandparents/cousins.

  2. I found that one on an American site somewhere Cass, thought it was a great idea for little ones craft. Oscar is really getting into the crafting now (such a proud mumma).

  3. Hey Claire.
    I’m very slow catching up with you. Thanks for the lovely mention here on your blog for Ribbons Galore.
    Hope you and your family had a happy Christmas. Best wishes for 2011, hope to see you at a market soon!

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