The big move

Radio silence from me for a whole month. I know. This past month has been all about moving house which is happening next weekend. I will finally have an office/crafting room to myself which, as you can imagine, I’m ever so excited about. It’s kinda my light at the end of the moving hell, starting new job, drowning in mother guilt month.


Apart from holding back my insane urges to knit or crochet in this wintry weather I have also been out about with family things. My gorgeous brother got married on Friday and we had the most fantastic weekend away in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It was open fires, red wine and lots of love. In exciting news the newlyweds are expecting a baby… hooray… cousins for my boys!! I’m already thinking about a new softie design to welcome the new arrival in January. So you see there will be crafting again, just as soon as I’ve unpacked the boxes.

PS: above photo posted as proof that I’m still alive.

2 thoughts on “The big move

  1. What a gorgeous sweet photo. My he has grown so much and it sounds like your life is taking a new turn in moving house and going back to work. How exciting for you all.

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