Meet Radcliffe

I hinted back in January that I was making a toy for Christmas in July.  Ta-dah! Here he is, Radcliffe the Reindeer. He’s a pull-along sock reindeer to be exact and a full tutorial on how to make him is in this month’s Homespun magazine.



My word, doesn’t January seem like a long time ago? We’re in the midst of cold rainy days and huddling under blankets on the couch now. We’ve almost unpacked the last box from the big house move and I’m looking forward to more crafting time soon. Looking back at this lovey Mr Reindeer makes me want to get stitching all over again.



7 thoughts on “Meet Radcliffe

  1. Aw he is delightfu and beautifully madel!! I know my two are a bit too old for a pull along (10 and 14) I think the youngest would love this for pure cuteness!!

  2. Aw, I missed the issue 😦

    Will you be adding the pattern/kit to your store sometime, or is he exclusive to the magazine?

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