The 1st Birthday

A whole year has gone past. A whole year!!! I’m not sure how that happened but here I am with my cuddly baby walking, singing and turning one.  Happy Birthday to my gorgeous boy.


I may have overdone it with the table decorations for the first birthday but with a total lack of crafting going on I have to say that it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. The only down side was that all the adults were too scared to touch the display. Luckily the 3 year olds had no qualms about tucking in and got the party started.



13 thoughts on “The 1st Birthday

  1. Goodness that has gone fast!! Happy Birthday little one year old man 🙂 The party looks like lots of fun and the decorations and party food look lovely. Glad the kids broke the ice 🙂 One already…..where has the year gone??

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy! next time I have a party I’m totally stealing your ikea stand idea!! I love the plates on mugs too! very clever!

    • Oh I stole that plate idea from a cafe – they had a whole tiered display going on just with upturned glasses and regular plates on them. Steal away Renae!

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