Vintage map frenzy

There’s something about maps that draws me in every time. I think it’s the possibility of adventure; the allure of new places and cultures to explore.


Whenever I get on a plane I find myself flicking to the route map section of the in-flight magazine. Retracing the steps of journeys long gone or dreaming up overland trails of new places to discover.  OK. Slightly obsessive. I know. But seriously, I do it every time. And lots of people I’ve spoken to do the same thing so I’m hoping you’re nodding your head in agreement rather than thinking “dear God, she is weird”.


I spotted this beautiful idea on pinterest and instantly wished I’d kept more maps of the places I’d been as souvenirs. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s by Bombus who create bespoke furniture and art from vintage items.

It has also sent me off on a map induced craft frenzy that I hope to be able to post here very soon.



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