The watercolour fabric experiment


I wasn’t sure how this would go, not having touched watercolours since uni. On Saturday I pulled out the heaviest card stock I had in my hoarded stash from uni days (yes you read that correctly, I have been hoarding said paper for over fifteen years).  A couple of rough brushes, one stolen from the kid’s crayola set, and I was set. The thing about painting is that there’s no undo button. After years of designing on computers this tends to freak me out, even though I know that the greatest beauty is often in mistakes… unintended. I tried to do these quickly without too much thought and parts of them are terrible but I think there are enough little gems to warrant scanning them in and seeing what I can layer together for a digital fabric print.


I like the swirling, curved lines but I have a feeling that the more square and geometic ones will work better on fabric.


2 thoughts on “The watercolour fabric experiment

  1. I reckon they’ll work a treat. I also have a theory (no doubt scientifically proven, somewhere) that all stuff created ye olde fashioned method, comes up roses, once digitally scanned.

  2. Oh what a great idea! I often scan in my paper collages and have thought of making fabric with it, but painting is a great idea! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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