Beginnings of a craft room

There are many rooms in our new house that need doing up but all of those can wait because there’s a craft room. My other half is referring to it as the “study”. I’m humoring this approach but really, between you and I, it’s going to be a craft room – perhaps with a shelf for his business books (oh I’m going to be in trouble for writing that!). I started out with a vision of a dark blue on the walls, contrasting with white woodwork. Lovely idea, looked hideous when I painted a sample on the wall.

Then I moved on to aqua. It’s tricky, Aqua. Too light and it’s a bit girly for me. Too dark and it’s a bit peacock. I love the way it contrasts with walnut polished floorboards and the way that white just pops against it.


So I’ve settled on gondolier (the top one) with white woodwork and walnut floors. It’s quite a statement but I’m feeling brave. Now to find a spare weekend to actually paint it!


2 thoughts on “Beginnings of a craft room

  1. I’m trying to put my craft room together too and I’m really struggling on what to use for a sewing table and a cutting table – any thoughts? I wanted to be brave with color too … then chickened out and going with a white … dull aren’t I!

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