Vintage Tuesday: Gnomes

Once upon a time, some time in the late 70s, my grandfather gave me a book about Gnomes. I thought it was amazing and gazed over every details of gnomes and their littel wives. In fact I still have that book today. A couple of months ago I found this cross stitch pattern in a thrift store. Oh my… what a find!!

Now I know that not everyone is into cross stitch (a thought confirmed on my recent crafty weekend away, next blog post will be all about it!) but for me cross stitch is like meditation. I love watching the image unfold before my eyes with each repetitive stitch. I don’t even mind the counting – it’s not like trying to figure out a garment pattern or softie construction, it just happens on automatic pilot.

I spent the last two blissful weeks in Thailand. Man did I need a holiday. I snuck in a bit of cross stitch between swimming, playing and eating.


7 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday: Gnomes

  1. we also have an old book about gnomes, it is even a pop-up book. so lovely, the tiny furniture and food… playing with the animals! as lovely as these cross stitched ones 🙂

  2. What the what?! My little sister would LOVE that! I’m going to attempt to hunt down a copy! And I adore cross-stitch, I just never have enough time to do it!

  3. That would be on par with knitting in Vanuatu 😉

    I remember than gnome book too and actually think that I still have it somewhere…such a sweet cross stitch.

  4. oh my gosh! I’m sure that gnome comes from my book! I LOVE gnomes! I have them throughout my yard (so does my dad) and even in my sewing room. I guess I have to start looking for that pattern too.

    I’ll have to look thru your blog for your finished piece. So far I’m loving it.


    • Thanks for your comment Ursula! Do you know I’ve been working on those gnomes for over a year now. It’s one of thee projects I pick up every time I have a holiday or long car trip. Almost finished, I’ll have to post another pic this week.

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