The craft study paint job

No sooner had we torn the study apart than I realised I hadn’t taken a before shot of the craft study. Luckily for me the 4-year-old has a habit of taking random photos on my phone so here’s his version of a before shot. I think chaos would be a fair description. Also shows the big kid’s “reportage” style of photography. Note to self to watch that early in the morning when coming out of the shower.

Game on…

According to Mr Schmaft I’m terrible at painting. There was a moment of being mortally wounded by such a comment. Relief quickly followed as the Mr insisted on finishing the job himself. ummm…. OK!

Thank you Mr Schmaft 🙂

The big kid and I are very taken with the aqua (it’s Dulux Gondolier). Now onto a new desk and some mid-century accessories.

2 thoughts on “The craft study paint job

  1. Look at your boys!! Yes, i often find fascinating snippets of my children’s lives when i download the images. Often bad bad angle photos of mummy, hmmm. Good luck with keeping naked shots taken by your boys on the internet, that would SO happen to me!! Love Posie

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