Hello 2012, year of The Craft.

There were moments when I didn’t know if I’d make it through 2011… what a crazy year. Too crazy. Looking back (insert compulsory New Year reflective moment) it was the year of the wrong turn. I was driving along the freeway of life when suddenly I saw a big shiny exit sign. A sign to the bright lights of madtown, a place I’d spent my roaring twenties. A place of good times, great people and gargantuan parties. “ooohhh….It’ll be great” I told myself ” Let’s go there!”.


Umm… no.


See madtown, for all it’s shiny, cool, creative, hip-ness,  simply isn’t kid friendly (no matter what the new sign says). And in the choice between reading pitch documents and reading bedtime stories… I choose bedtime stories. I’m also choosing fish fingers over very fancy dinners but let’s not talk about that.


Hello 2012!


This is the year of The Craft, people. This year I will be focusing on Craft Schmaft and I am so excited about getting stuck into it. I plan on releasing new softie patterns, heading to markets around Oz, doing lots of blogging and even branching out into other areas of crafty design.  I’m also going to be running The Craft Room for the northern beaches which I’m very pumped for. It’s going to be a year of family, friends and  lots of fun.

So thank you for sticking by me in 2011, I hope to be far more fun to be around in 2012.




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