Final lick of paint

The Craft Study is almost there. I don’t think there’ll be a moment when I say it’s completely finished because I know I’ll fiddle with it forever. Storage is the main issue in here so I’ve revamped some ikea drawers to store all those little bits of felt, fabric and buttons that seem to multiply. While I wait for the husband to drill them into the wall the gnomes are being cross-stitched and there’s a guest bed in the corner that needs to look like a big chair rather than student bed. I went all out on ebay and bought a vintage box.



I’ve always admired the Design Sponge rolling storage box, so thought I’d have a go myself. After purchasing suitable box on eBay my step dad kindly offered to pick it up while out for a scenic spin in his mate’s new convertible. Suitable box turned out to be very dirty and couldn’t be placed on the back seat without destroying the new leather. With no boot in the convertible poor step-dad had to take off his shirt to protect the new leather. In his words “you owe me… we looked like a pair of poofs driving around in that thing shirtless!”. Love a good pair of poofs on a vintage mission, I do indeed.


8 thoughts on “Final lick of paint

  1. Love it. That made me laugh out loud, especially because I was imagining my stock-truck-driving manly man stepfather doing the same, heehee!

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