The fabric binge

The no more fabric rule has completely gone out the window over the past two weeks. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve needed a little retail therapy or because I’ve jumped back into the sewing again but… SOMEBODY STOP ME!

First off Lincraft had a half price sale. I went to look at quilting fabric for the new balloons. I came home with this (definitely not quilting fabric). My only reprieve is that I have already started whipping the first one up in a Cynthia Rowley dress pattern that is shaping up quite nicely.

I’m doing the sleeveless view for the top fabric, if that works out I might even have a go at the short sleeved version for this fabric. I am applying the  “it’s so cheap… the more you spend the more you save” mantra to these purchases.

These purchases from Calico and Ivy yesterday were not on the cheap side. Originally I was going for yellow balloons but while browsing this amazing stripe from Kaufman “free to grow” collection just jumped off the shelf and insisted I buy it.

This one from “parisville” I have no excuses for. I just love the pattern.

At least this fabric binge has me progressing on the balloons, little baskets have been woven and I’ve figured out a much, much easier technique than my original basket weaving attempts. So you’re probably thinking… well, that’s not so bad for a fabric binge. Yesterday afternoon I bought a stack of fabric online for owlie kits. Naughty. Let’s hope Mr Schmaft isn’t reading this.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes out on fabric binge tendency? Anyone?


4 thoughts on “The fabric binge

  1. I go through stages of buying huge amounts of fabric!

    But this year it’s all about busting that stash and using up more of what I have…it was either that or get a bigger apartment!

    • Oh I do have to post some pics Amelia! Sorry I got so caught up in balloons and sick kids this week there hasn’t been much photography of anything else. The redish fabric is coming along in a dress, fitting was a bit of a nightmare but it’s almost done.

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