Suburban harvest

We’ve been in this new house of ours for eight months now. One of the things that I love about this place is the huge garden. It’s filled with a random assortment of Australian native, tropical and country cottage trees and plants. I’m a tropical garden kind of girl, I spent years at our last place nurturing things like frangipanis. Despite the slightly schizo effect of the new greenspace, I decided to spend a year watching, getting a feel for all the seasons before going too crazy. .

Three things have come to my attention:

1.   The previous owner had a thing for purple – everything blooms in purple.
2.   The previous owners dog failed at fetch – there are half buried toys everywhere
3.   The garden is quite edible – lilli pilli, olives, apple tree and bay.


In a moment of domestic-godess-ness (they don’t happen all that often so I feel the need to note it), I went out and picked the lilli pilli berries that adorn the gigantic hedge out the front. I cleaned, de-seeded and made jam with them. I felt quite virtuous but, to be honest, I hated the jam. They were far more beautiful as raw berries. Goddess fail. A slight reprieve in that Mr Schmaft likes it.

Next we harvested the olives. I’d like to get all godess-ish again but I’m not quite sure I’m up for all the pickling that needs to go on before we can eat them.

They may just get donated to our lovely italian friends who a really very good at that sort of thing. We’ll see. I have a feeling I should stick to crafting 😉


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