The dress in progress

The Cynthia Rowley dress is almost done. It has, at times, been challenging. My fabric choice is a particularly slippery little number that was hard to cut and even harder to keep pinned in place while sewing. Note to self to choose a cotton or heavier poly next time. I am, however, loving way the print sits on the dress. Those feathers at the top are beautiful with the gathering and the fact that it’s belted rather than zipped makes for very easy fitting (i.e. no fitting). The pockets… well let’s just say it may not have pockets if they don’t start behaving after a good iron tonight. They are “skating on VERY thin ice” as my mother used to say and I’m tempted to just sew them right out. Let’s face it, I’m not going to be wearing this dress around my kids so the need to stash matchbox cars, tissues for noses and empty sultana boxes should be at a minimum.


Here it is (this one’s for you Amelia!). Lots of finishing and hemming to do, let’s hope I get it finished for date night on Saturday.





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