Oh blog I’m sorry I’ve been so slack. There was the issue of sick kiddies last week and me frantically trying to keep up with balloons and bunnies in between taking temperatures, administering antibiotics and settling arguments between the wiggles or the incredibles DVD. So. Here is a big post on what I’ve been up to lately.


The balloons

Thank you so much to everyone who offed to test the balloon pattern, I was overwhelmed with the number of people who were keen. The test has ironed out a few wrinkles and all being well the pattern should be ready next week. Hooray! For now I’m making a mobile for my beautiful niece Olive. It’s so nice to make something in pink.


The bunny

While the boys were sick we made bunnies together – well I did the making but Oscar did the directing of sock and fabric choices. His name is funny tummy sock bunny and I hope to have a tutorial up for him next week.  Sounds like it came together quickly but let me tell you that I have been working on a bunny design for the past three Easters. The first one I designed was so hideous it was nicknamed evil bunny in this here house.


The fabric

In other great news my spoonflower samples arrived! Hooray for being able to have your own fabric printed. I’m liking the larger size of the pinwheels design, sadly the utilise one which I thought would be a winner just isn’t right in the colour department yet. Bit more work required and hopefully we’ll have a winner.


And now…

Well it’s a rainy old day in Sydney today and I’m on a mission to get this mobile finished for my road trip to Canberra tomorrow. I’m off to explore the handmade market, anyone else going? I’ll be solo and very up for crafting buddies to have a coffee with after hours of singing to myself in the car.


7 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I need a rabbit to make my girls for easter this year. It’s become a tradition to make them a bunny each year. You might have saved me from making up my own pattern

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