Finders Keepers Melbourne

There has been frantic stitching, jumping up and down and general over excitement. I was offered a stand at Finders Keepers Melbourne (April 20/21) last week and have been grinning, and quietly panicking ever since. There are new kits to be packed, Balloon Mobile patterns to be printed and lots and lots of new softies to be made. Oh dear god… so much to do but, as one very cool poster I came across said… less bitchin’ more stitchin’!


Here’s the stichin’


11 thoughts on “Finders Keepers Melbourne

  1. As I am currently off work due to an operation, I have really enjoyed filling my time stitching too – a lost skill that I am glad I have rediscovered. I am also enjoying the joys of finding new inspiration from noseying in on sites that I have stumbled across. I am really pleased that I found yours. I think your work is brilliant. Whoever thought that socks could be such fun. These really brought a smile to my face. Good luck in Melbourne.

  2. Love that motto “less bitchin’, more stitchin'” 😀

    I’ve got a couple of craft fairs coming up and am in the panic mode too – but that little saying makes a lot of sense! 😀

    Love the owls in particular by the way – soooo sweet!

  3. Wow so gorgeous! Do you have any tips about where to find socks, I want to make some owls for some soon to arrive babies but am having trouble finding any that aren’t gawdy pink & purple – would rather some gender neutral colours! Thanks.

  4. Love your blog, good to see someone not afraid to make boys toys and I also like the faces that you put on the toys -full of character.

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