Finders Keepers Melbourne Wrap Up

Wow… what a crazy few weeks. Getting ready for a market is much like a big pitch in advertising. You work like mad, plot, scheme, create and you never really know if it’s all going to pay off. It was with huge butterflies in the old tummy that I packed as much as I could possibly squeeze into the old suitcases. This was my first market in almost two years and I had visions of tumbleweed blowing through the stall. Me sitting folornly behind softies just hoping someone would glance at them. You may have caught all the shenanigans on instagram (@craftschmaft) but in case you didn’t here’s how it rolled.

Mad stitching for weeks…

New packaging all designed and delivered just in time…

Some serious squishy suitcases….

A very Autumnal melbourne…

Crazy, fantastic, amazing market filled with very talented designers and let me tell you there were crowds!

The brand new baby Zilla pattern got a huge response (he’s on his way to the Craft Schmaft Store this week too):

And one very happy and grateful me…

I couldn’t have done it without the help of wonderful friends like Belinda, my sister Elly and amazing (and very patient in the midst of a craft crisis) Mr Schmaft not to mention wonderful parents who entertained the munchkins while I sewed like a mad woman. Thank you!  Phew… now to unpack!


12 thoughts on “Finders Keepers Melbourne Wrap Up

  1. Your stuff is beautiful – no wonder you had a successful day! I’ve got a fair coming up in a few weeks so I know the feeling of preparing for it ~ wish my things were as professional-looking as yours!

  2. Just about to do another fair too. Let the madness begin. I really like the balloons… these come in a kit?
    Well done on your successful fair.

  3. Hi, will you be selling the ballon mobile as a kit rather than just the pattern in our online store? I would love to buy the kit. Thanks

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