Meet me at Mathildas

With a moment to catch breath after the Finders Keepers extravaganza I was thinking back to when I started out with Craft Schmaft. It was 2009 and I had been bitten by the craft and blogging bug for over two years. Wanting to find an alternative to the crazy kinda hours those mad advertising folk keep I signed myself up for Bizness Babes, only the most amazing small business course on the planet (in my humble opinion). Fresh out of school and raring to go I bravely applied for Mathildas market to see if anyone had even a remote interest in my patterns and kits.

 Well thank god they did. That day a little dream came true.
May marks 3 years of my crafty business. Its survived babies, a day job and the roller coaster that is creative mojo. This year it’s taking flight again and I love it more than ever.
So I think its quite fitting that I mark this anniversary with another stand at Mathildas in Sydney. Meet me there (just mention the blog or FB), I’ll have a little something for every one of you to say thanks for your support these past 3 years.  Right, that’s enough soppiness for one day, back to stitching.

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