Thank you schmankyou giveaway

Three years since my first market and three goodies to give away at Mathildas Sydney , Fox Studios this Saturday to say thanks to my blog and facebook followers.


  • First fan to find  my stand will receive a brand new baby zilla kit.
  • Second fan will receive their choice of  baby owl kit.
  • Third fan their choice of pattern.
  • And for everyone else who follows the blog a little sock, fabric and felt to make a baby owl.

So all you have to do is come over and say hello, let me know that you’re a fan and the prizes are all yours. It’s a thank you, schmankyou for all your support over the past 3 years.


7 thoughts on “Thank you schmankyou giveaway

  1. So wished I could come and visit! Unfortunately I’m in the UK, which is just a little too far of to come and see you – otherwise I’d definitely go and try and get one of your lovely baby owls! Good luck!

  2. So sorry I can’t come and see you! I’d definitely go for your cute little owl, it’s adorable! However, it’s just a little bit toofar from the UK to come and visit. Wishing you lots of luck and many customers, though!

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