Funny Tummy Bunny: Testers needed!

He’s been cuddled and loved around here for months and now he’s almost ready to go out into the world as a pattern. My funny tummy sock bunny needs 10 lovely people to try him out. If you’re interested in testing the pattern please leave a comment here. I’ll email you with all the details.


UPDATE: Thanks everyone, I’ve been overwhelmed by testing offers, all the patterns are taken for now but stay tuned… the Bunny will be ready for sale soon!


29 thoughts on “Funny Tummy Bunny: Testers needed!

  1. Have a bit of a crush on this one! Love the little belly button! Would love to have a go at making my own for my very-soon- bubba-to-be – would try my hardest to get completed before they decide to arrive!

  2. Oh my! He is adorable. I would love to help you out by testing your pattern. I have a little girl who would love a bunny. (I think one of my boys would too)

  3. Wow he is lovely! I would love to test your pattern. I have made a few toys (see my blog) but never a sock one and I would love to try your pattern. My toddler adores soft toys and is very good at road testing them so you would get two for one with our little family!

  4. He is so lovely and cuddly! I would love to test your pattern, but I am still a beginner in sewing and I guess this bunny requires more skills than I own… But what a cutie he is!

  5. I would love to be a tester for you. Been sewing for 30+ years and have several of your patterns to work with. Have the own mobile in my sewing room!

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