Craft studio organisation

I have grand visions of being completely organised but, to be honest, once I really get into making things my entire craft room seems to explode with supplies, patterns, scraps and scribbles. I’ve never been the neat and tidy type but I have taken steps to get myself sorted this year. I’m attempting to create a place for everything in the vain hope that I will keep everything in it’s place (yes, I can hear my friends and family laughing to that one).

There are glimmers of hope, people… faint glimmers!

I’m loving my modified ikea moppe drawers for haberdashery.

My stash of perle thread makes me smile every time I peek at it through the glass, and my stacks of felt samples make my heart sing… But then there’s the rest… oh what to do with my fabric, ric-rac and threads?


So last night I got stuck into some research on craft room organisation that I thought I’d share.  (see pinterest board here for lots of lovely pics: Craft Studio Organisation)

Fabric ideas:

Very clever Fabric Organisers
Fabric mini-bolts on comic back boards is thrifty genius
Fabric on coat hangers also rocks 
Filing cabinet hanging fabric


Ribbon Holders:

Ribbon in soda straw dispenser (oh I’ll be using this one!)

Converting an old picture frame  Tutorial

Ric Rac on paddle pop sticks Yum

Yarn and ribbon on pegs


Thread storage:

Framed thread holder tutorial
Clever little shelves with bobbins
Hanging printers tray


Image and tutorial via 26 Letters

Have you seen any great storage ideas? I’d love to see them! Pics to come of my creative space when I’m done, but for now I should stop typing and start tidying.


5 thoughts on “Craft studio organisation

  1. Love your drawers! where did you get the metal holders from that you’ve put on the drawers? Also where do you buy your felt from? You’re such a clever lady! Thanks! Natalie (Rachel’s friend) 🙂

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