The making of bean bags


I spent some time stitching beanbags on the weekend. This act is one part doting mum (I luuurved my bean bag as a kid) one part delusional (I’m hoping they will sit on beanbags rather than destroy the new couch) and one part decorator (I refuse to have those cheap kids bean bags with patterns more at home on a 1980s parachute silk tracksuit in my lounge room). I’ve had this gorgeous Heather Ross Far Far Away II print in my stash forever. Oh how I have a thing for Heather Ross.

I bought a couple of cheap beanbag covers and traced a pattern from them. I use very light interfacing – it’s brilliant because it’s very transparent and clings to your fabric so there’s no need to pin the pattern before cutting. Snippity snip, with a little extra seam allowance, and the Owl and the Pussy Cat were in pieces.

I sewed the four top pieces together (right sides facing) then stitched velcro onto the two base pieces (no zipper required). Stitch the base to the top pieces and just open the velcro to turn it inside out.   The other great thing about this method is that it creates a “double bag” – just put the nasty cover  inside your beautiful fabric bag before you fill it up.  Those pesky beans are an absolute nightmare if they escape and I remember as kids we used seriously rumble on our beanbags. Best be double stitching those bags too!


It looks good but the true test was yet to come. This sitting lasted for all of 30 seconds.

Before they started doing this…

Thank god for the double bag!


9 thoughts on “The making of bean bags

    • Oh I know Karen, sometimes I wish I could freeze them at this moment so they don’t get any bigger (and other days I make mental calculations of how long till they turn ;).

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