The penguin party

It was penguins all round for Frankie’s second birthday. I made little penguins out of the fingertips of a black glove to go on an iceberg cake.


Note: This is not penguin torture as suggested on instagram but rather penguin construction. 🙂 I’m sure most people would have whipped them up out of fondant but my forte is more sewing than sugar art.

Loving the ease of the iceberg cake… just stack random square-ish pieces of cake on top of each other, insert a bamboo skewer to hold it all together and cover the lot with snow white merengue icing. Done! I made the slippery slide by cutting a ramp shape out of a plastic takeaway container, inserting it into the cake and icing over the top. This also meant that the penguins sat on the plastic container rather than the edible part of the cake. The little pool was blue jelly crystals sprinkled around.

Slight fail in that the birthday boy wanted to eat the decorative penguins BUT he adored the big penguin that sat at the top of the party table and sang Happy Birthday to it all evening. Craft gold.


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