Whimsical work

Where do you find inspiration?  Lately I’ve found myself caught up in the whimsy of the 20th century. It started out with the hot air balloons from the 1800s with all their embellishments. Hours later, in the time vortex that is the internet, I found myself in all sorts of vintage flights of fancy. Great exhibitions, Zoological parks, fairgrounds, the circus, seaside tea rooms and vintage toys. Red and white stripes have been swirling in my head, closely followed by glass greens, tea rose and buttercream.

I can hear you say… what the hell is she banging on about?

Well all that whimsy ended up as the inspiration for my latest project. I’ve been designing fabric for the hot air balloons, wanting to introduce the kind of embellishment and detail of days gone by. Here’s a sneak peek of air balloon panels:


The first version with circus inspiration, lots of nips and tucks required to get the design sitting perfectly on the panels.

The second version arrived yesterday and is all ready to be stitched up.

And then there’s the vintage green and tea rose pink. These colours just sang to me. Designing them was one of those rare moments where it all just happens – I was in the flow as my wonderful friend Ange calls it. I can’t wait to see what they look like floating amongst clouds.


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