Be yourself

Last week it was my birthday. It has to be said that it wasn’t the best of birthdays. Amid family dramas I had a seriously nasty flu which put quite the dampener on the occasion. The silver lining of lying in bed and feeling sorry for yourself is the time to think. It’s not often that I get time to just let my mind wander. Or, to be honest, watch quite that many episodes of Mad Men.


There was the inevitable… “What am I doing with my life?  Oh God… Did I really give up a highly paid, successful career to create plush patterns? Is this venture of mine actually going to work? Have I made the right decisions? Should I get a real job?”


This year I have decided to quiet the screaming, practical side of me and listen my heart. I’m hopeful that I’m not the only person who experiences these moments of questioning. Seth Godin calls these doubts your “Lizard Brain” (great blog post here). Massive Attack wrote beautiful lyrics about “What your soul sings“. Well creating things to inspire people to make something by hand… that’s what makes my soul sing. It’s a true joy not only for me, but hopefully, in a small way for you too.


So after my birthday musing here’s my mantra for the coming year:

Love Oscar Wilde, and love that this poster by by Emily McDowell is available in her Etsy store.


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