Sock owl class of 2012

Twin sock owls

It was all stitchety stitch in my craft room over the weekend as I put together little sock owls for kits at upcoming markets.

After a session taking their photos for the kits labels, I took this pic for instagram (@CraftSchmaft) and it occurred to me that they look like they’re posing for a school photo. I nicknamed them the class of 2012.

I love that, even after making over so many owls that I’ve lost count, they all come out slightly differently. Some are a little chubby, some simply won’t behave, some of them are just angelic. They each have their own personality.

Twin sock owls

I couldn’t resist taking this shot, brothers just like my two little rascals. They look innocent enough all snuggled together but I’m sure given half a chance they’d be up to no good.

And then there’s this one – I’ve named her China Blue – she was such an unexpected colour and pattern combination but I love her. She may even become the teachers pet. Should I be playing favourites?

You can find the Sock Owl Pattern here and the kits will be up in the store in October.

UPDATE: Sock Owl Kits are now in the Craft Schmaft store. Click here.


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