Funny Tummy Sock Bunnies


I’ve been stitching like a mad woman for the past few weeks. With markets and Christmas coming up it’s crunch time for packaging up kits and patterns in the land of Craft Schmaft.

Last week I worked on Funny Tummy Sock Bunnies. I know I bang on about it but I just love the moment when I can sit back at see their little personalities come through. No two sock toys are ever the same. The size of the sock, the way you cut it and where the eyes, nose and ears are placed all add up to one unique little creature.

I’ve tried influencing this process, being very deliberate about exactly where I place noses, how large mouths are… but it doesn’t seem to make much difference, these softies are determined to have their own plush personalities.

So now I just run with it. Can you imagine what these two would say if they’d talk (other than… seriously, woman, you need to clear up this craft room!)?

Sock Bunny in progressSock Bunny spotty

The fabric I used for this spotty is one I designed earlier this year on spoonflower. A sample of it sat stuck up on the wall for an eternity until I randomly grabbed it to make little owl wings out of. Suddenly it seemed to fall into place so I’ve just ordered a stack of it for bunny and owl kits.

Pinwheel fabric

Funny Tummy Sock Bunny pattern is here in the store and the kits will be up mid October.


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