Vintage Haul

There’s a certain op shop (thrift store) that I visit regularly, always hoping to find vintage crafting treasures. Most of my vintage pattern collection comes from this store but I’ve never found actual craft supplies.

Legend has it that all manner of vintage yarn, buttons, ribbon and thread are stashed away upstairs by the crafty elders to be brought out for special inner-sanctum-craft sale days.

The thing is you never know when these sales will be on. They don’t advertise. There is no calendar. You just have to be lucky enough to be there on the day. In my five years of frequenting this store I have NEVER been there on an infamous craft sale day. Never. Last week I stuck gold.

I shouldn’t have been thrifting, I was frantically getting ready for markets, but I pulled into the carpark promising myself just 5 minutes to see if there were any vintage macramé patterns. Suddenly there it was… the craft sale sign.

I was ushered upstairs to the inner sanctum of the store, where no mere mortal may ordinarily go. I met the loveliest of crafty ladies and behold… the biggest stash of craft supplies I have ever seen. It literally took my breath away. I wish I’d taken photos at the time but I was so overwhelmed by the vintage goodness that I spent the next hour in a trance.

Here’s the haul.



Macrame twine in the most beautiful greens.



Vintage Ric-Rac that I have already earmarked for the hot air balloons.



The most beautiful wooden spools of thread. These are going to be adorning my craft room shelf. 


To top it all off a vintage singer sewing box (which needs a little bit of a clean up, granted). This blue is my favourite colour in the whole world and like a kid in a candy store I filled it with treasures and skipped out of the shop grinning from ear to ear. There was so much more I could have bought but I was trying not to go nuts.

Now that I think of it I really should have gone more nuts but I did leave my details with the lovely crafty elders who were so delighted to have someone excited about their stash that they promised to let me know when the next inner-sanctum-craft-sale is on. Joy and rapture are an understatement.


This last one didn’t come from the op-shop but was bought the very same morning from the Over It! shop on Craftumi (check it out, treasures galore). Isn’t it gorgeous? I must have had a vintage vibe going on that day.



6 thoughts on “Vintage Haul

  1. I love that sale. I usually rely on Ingrid to let me know when it is on but obviously she missed it as well, or decided to keep it quiet. If you find out about the next one can you let me know

  2. Oh my goodness! Hyperventilating here! I’d love to be in on that… I promise I’d let you have first dibs! Sounds amazing Claire.

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