Christmas ornament inspiration

I have been known to get a little over excited about Christmas. OK more than a little. A lot. The decorations, the trees, the gift giving, the celebration, not to mention to gleeful anticipation of Santa coming. 

This year I’m going to attempt to hand make all of our tree decorations. Yes, it will be a small tree, but I feel the need to go novelty and get my little munchkins involved in the process. The big kid LOVES craft. The small LOVES penguins. I LOVE pinterest. Between these three things I think we can come to a crafty ornamentation solution.

Here’s the plan. Actually before I tell you the plan I should warn you of my approach to planning when it comes to world travel, offspring and craft projects. I like to come up with an itinerary. I have clear, probably rose-coloured, vision of what I’d like to achieve. Please note that if it all goes horribly wrong, as has happened with Syrian border crossings, toddler tantrums and underestimation of craft materials required, the plan may be changed without notice.

So my plan is to go with a red and white theme of penguins, embossed clay shapes and pom poms. I may throw in a little washi tape just to be in with the pinterest crowd.

Here’s a round up of tutorials and inspiration:

Clay ornaments using cookie cutters. I’m loving the pressed leaves into these, perfect way to get kiddies involved. Great tutorial over at GardenMama.


Little penguins made out of glove fingertips. I’ll be posting a free tutorial and pattern for these next week.

Mini pom poms in glass ornaments, beautiful tutorial over at Say Yes to Hoboken.

What are you making for Christmas?


3 thoughts on “Christmas ornament inspiration

  1. I love your tiny penguins! I’d like to see how you finish the clay ornaments too.
    I am designing and making felt nativity dolls to hang on my Christmas tree, and felt Babushkas and owls to give for presents.

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