Penguin ornament tutorial

DIY Penguin Ornament

DIY Penguin Ornament - Free Tutorial

Christmas comes early at Craft Schmaft. Here’s a free tutorial for all of you wonderful readers and fans to make little penguin ornaments from a stray black glove, some felt, thread and stuffing.

Material List (makes 5 penguins)

  • One black glove
  • 20cm square of white felt
  • 10cm black felt
  • Black & yellow embroidery floss
  • Embroidery floss or perle for hanging
  • Matching black and white cotton thread

1. Cut Glove
Start by cutting the glove fingers off, approximately 5cm or 2″ down from the top.

2. Stuff
Fill each of the fingertips with toy stuffing (polyfibre fill, eco fill or recycled PET fill) until each penguin nice and plump, the key here is to make them fat! Finish by massaging out any lumps.

3. Close
To close the Penguin, thread a needle with black cotton and put a knot in the end. Fold over the raw edge of the glove and begin drawing opposite sides in together, gathering and stitching in each of the edges as you go (see diagram). Secure the thread, trim and set aside.

4. Create face
Cut out your little white felt pieces for the body and face using the Penguin Face Pattern provided. Print at 100% and cut to fit your penguins – they’ll all be slightly different sizes so the face pattern is graded for you. Using chalk, mark the position of the eyes and beak onto the felt. Satin stitch, with embroidery floss, the little eyes and beak. Alternatively you can use a black and yellow fabric marker to draw these onto the felt.

5. Assemble
Pin the felt faces onto the black bodies of the penguins. Take your needle, threaded with matching white cotton, and begin a row of tiny stitches right around the felt to secure.

6. Hang

To create a loop for hanging the penguin, take a 15cm (5 inch) length of your embroidery perle (or floss), threaded into a needle with a knot in the end. Take the needle through the base of the penguin straight up and out the top of his head. Tug to make sure the knot is secure. Take the needle back down throught the penguin and out of the base. Adjust unit you have the desired loop length and tie off with a knot at the base.

7. Add wings & feet
Cut little wing pieces and triangle feet out of the black felt. Position and stitch these onto the sides and base of each penguin using whip stitch.


DIY Penguin Ornament

Penguin in a glass bauble? Carefully remove the top of your glass bauble, Squeeze him in like Santa down a chimney and feed the hanging loop through the top. Replace the top of the bauble and you’re done.


Hope you enjoy making little penguins, I’d love to see some pics of your creations and feature them here on the blog!

Happy Holiday Making.


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