My creative space

I’ve been playing along with My Creative Space on instagram (@craftschmaft) this month. Here’s a little peek into the world of schmaft.

1. A creative space  | The mantel keeps craft safe from little hands     2 . Make lists  | My crafty wish list.


  4. Hands  | Too tired to craft after a big market.  5. Happy | Owlies


6. Know your roots | My grandfather’s box brownie. 7. Makes you think  | Vintage supplies.


8. Nature  | I grew this banana plant from seed.  9. Colour  | My craft studio walls in aqua.


10. time savers | thread all ready for owl kits.  11. Someone else’s creative space. Oscar’s plane.


12. From above | Balloons and clouds float over my desk  13. Risk | Delving into Macrame.


14. Greatest hero | JK Rowling = imagination & determination  16. I made it myself


17. From a distance| I think clearly at 30,000 feet  19. In the Kitchen | My nan’s teapot


20. A creative spark | Could be a deep-sea porthole  21. Something new | Penguin Tutorial


22. Up close | Handmade neon pendant  23. Creative Quote | Be yourself, everyone else is taken (Oscar Wilde).


24. An arrangement | Balloons waiting to take flight  25. Frame it | Gnomes are rusted shut into their embroidery hoop. Oops.


26. A mistake | Early Zilla designs weren’t pretty! 27. Fresh | Brand new argyle baby Zilla




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