Brand new project


We in full summer mode here – mornings spent at the beach, scorching days and beautiful long evenings. The big kid and I are hanging out on School Holidays together and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate on a project. I say “collaborate” tentatively because there will be a battle of wills between us when it comes to some things. He is bursting at the seams with creativity and passion but is incredibly headstrong (wonder where he gets that from?).

So together we’re making an ice cream shop. So far it has involved serious market research and sketching.


ice_cream_swirl  ice_sketch

Lots of calico measuring, cutting, snipping and adjusting.

calico_measure  calico_icecream


A whole palette of colours and flavours chosen. I’m not sure why we have to call it “Blueberry Mix” but apparently it’s very important. ice_cream_colours


This week weekend we hope to finish the shop and get a few sample waffle cones going on… that is if we can agree on them!




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