Summer Glamping

There’s something spectacular about being outdoors. 

I’m writing this while in the car on my way back home after a glorious week of camping on the South coast of NSW. It’s been a long time since I’ve been camping, the tent and all it’s paraphernalia were packed away once the kiddies arrived. The thought of camping with babies horrified me, especially cheeky boys like mine who’s curiosity spelled gas bottle and guy rope disaster.

Now that the big kid is five and the small has turned two we decided it was time to get out there again. We dusted off all our old gear and packed up for a week of adventure. It was sensational. The boys loved it. I loved it. Mr Schmaft loved it.  Kangaroos kept us company, we spend hours at the beach and there was always a cheeky G&T to be had before the sun set.



There was just one problem. The accessories, people, the accessories. My last camping trip was well before my crafting and vintage obsessions began. While then I was content with tacky plastic plates and bright blue tarpaulins, today I’m not. Camping struck me as being a little like microsoft it’s functional, useful, gadgety… but oh so ugly! All that romance of being outside deserves beautiful things, non?

So I have a new little crafty venture, I call it glamping. It shall involve hand crafted gadgets, enamel pots, linen fabric, vintage pieces. First up I have some kitchen shelves that are all tattered and worn, I’ll use the frame and sew up a new set. Stay tuned for that one. I’m busting to design some fabric inspired by the kangaroos. Then there are some new things that simply must be purchased… here’s what I’ve been spying around the interweb: Vintage Travel bars on EtsyEnamel Saucepan on Neest, Melamine Plates on Etsy,










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