Things for moi

I’m being selfish today.

My big kid is off to big school and the small is at kindy.This moment, sitting in my craft room thinking about the year ahead, is filled with possibility and promise. There’s all sorts of stocktaking, pattern designing, app testing and publishing that needs to be done but right now I’m indulging myself in a little craft fantasy. It’s raining outside and I’m gazing at my pinterest boards dreaming about all the things that I’d love to be making for myself.

There’s this Neon Cross Stitch pants patch tutorial from I am because we are… I’d love to be whipping up a cape like this on from Arrow and Arrow (check out their stuff, it’s gorgeous). Then there’s this pom pom blanket… another piece of genius from Martha Stewart. I am developing a pom pom obsession at the moment.


There is one other daydreaming project that is set to become a reality. I’ll be making a pair of flamingos out of socks for my lounge room. It’s exactly the kind of ridiculous thing that space needs… I’m hoping to perch them on a side table, perhaps even use wire to make the legs really stand up. If I can find neon pink socks I may just have neon accents for the wings. Oh the possibilities!



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