I’ve been busy over the past few weeks designing new fabric panels for individual Hot Air Balloons.

So many customers have asked for a single balloon that I thought a new kit was in order. The fabric samples arrived this week and amongst squeals of delight (I never get tired of packages of fabric arriving in the post) I spent yesterday sewing up the balloon tops. Here’s how it unfolded on Instagram (@CraftSchmaft)



Tonight I’ll be stitching clouds and making baskets for these little lovelies. What do you think? Do you have a favourite?

In sad news, my DSLR camera lens has bitten the dust. It seems that Christmas ornament making goo found it’s way in to the lens and the whole thing seized up over the holidays. Sigh. So please bear with me while I sort out a new camera, there might be phone pics for a little while as I figure out which model to buy next. On that note, what kind of DSLR camera do you use, do you love it?


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