Be prepared

It’s been all craft show preparation at Schmaft head quarters for the past week, getting ready for Stitches and Craft in Sydney tomorrow.

Raspberry owlies are ready for flight…



A new baby Zilla is all ready to rawr…




I’ve been bag stamping, paper cloud stitching, pattern packing and even had the old hammer and nail out for more plywood box displays (ahem… I don’t think I’m going to win any awards for carpentry!). Of course being prepared for a market or show would be so much simpler if I just kept the display the same each time but no, no, no… I get overexcited about new ways of hanging balloons or stacking patterns or … hanging sets of paper clouds from fishing line…

paper_bags paper_stitch
patterns plywood_boxes

None of this compares to the mountain of fabric that has been cut and folded. Thank goodness for Belinda, Schmaft’s head of production. I could never have gotten ready for Stitches and Craft without her.





It hasn’t been all work and no play – I spent a fantastic weekend in Noosa on a craft retreat and may I say that the flamingo design has come a long way. More pics on that as soon as Stitches and Craft is done. Please come and say hello if you’re coming to the show, I’d love to meet you in person!


Happy Crafting!





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