Stitches & Craft Wrap up

My feet have barely touched the ground (nor my head the pillow) over the past week with the Stitches & Craft show and all the online orders that have been flooding in. Thank you! Though I’ve done lots of markets recently, I haven’t had a stand at a craft fair since 2010. I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to be surrounded by crafty customers – wonderful people like you who LOVE to make things whether it be sewn, felted, knitted, crocheted or otherwise. It really felt like coming home. On top of that I was spoilt for visits from crafty friends, facebook and blog followers and met some wonderful new contacts who I can’t wait to work with.

set_up set_up2


To top all that off, Stitches & Craft was the biggest success of a show for Craft Schmaft to date. Woot! I was awarded best small exhibit and even got trophy. It got me thinking that there aren’t enough trophies in the crafting world, are there?  Practically every sport awards you with something lovely and shiny for your efforts, and who doesn’t love a bit of metal on their mantel? Sorry. I digress.show_stand

The lovely and very clever Sheridan helped me out on the stand for a few days. The big hits were hot air balloons with the fabric panels just flying off the stand, and the other sell out was the Funny Tummy Bunny.

bunny_stand fabric_panel_pinwheel

Speaking of bunnies, Easter special tutorial is coming your way this weekend and I do promise better pics for future posts too, I’m just about to invest in a new camera and can’t wait to get back to beautiful photos. Stay tuned.


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