Egg hat with pom pom tutorial

Egg hat tutorialI love a quick Easter project and this is one that you can make for decoration, gifts or as an activity with your kids. It’s perfect for odd little baby socks and if you’d like to adorn a larger egg, just use a larger sock


  • 1 x baby sock (size for approx. 12 month)
  • Yarn (1-2 metres/yards, I used 8ply)
  • Matching cotton thread


  • Needle
  • Small fork
  • Scissorsegghat_materials


  1. Take your sock and turn it inside out. Cut from above the ankle band to the curve of the sock as shown.egghat_cut_stitch
  2.  Stitch a seam, by hand or machine, straight down the cut area. Snip the top of the point off.egghat_stitched
  3. Turn the sock the right way out, creating a point at the top of your little hat.hat_done
  4. Cut a piece of yarn approx. 20cm/8in long and set aside (this will be used to tie up your pom pom).Take your fork and begin to wrap the yarn around and around the prongs as shown.egghat_forktwirl
  5. Pull your cut piece of yarn through the centre of the fork as shown. Pull firmly and tie a knot. Ease your yarn off the fork and wrap the cut yarn around the bundle again, pulling to make it as tight as possible. Tie another knot.egghat_forktie
  6. Take scissors and cut the loops of the yarn on either side of your pom pom.egghat_pomcut
  7. Trim until you’re happy the pom pom is rounded and fluffy. Don’t be afraid to really trim!
    egghat_pomtrim egghat_pomfini
  8. Using needle and thread, stitch the pom pom to the tip of your hat. egg_hat_pom

You’re all done! You can use bigger size socks for bigger hats and it’s perfect to go on top of chocolate easter eggs too.




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