Emerald Easter stitching

Hot Air Balloons in progress


I’ve been inspired by all things green lately. It began with Pantone’s colour of the year, Emerald, spruiked as lively, radiant and lush. A sydney summer with tropical plants and green lawns played a part and the deal was sealed when I watched original The Wizard of Oz. Oh that vintage Emerald City!



So I got to designing some more balloon fabric and have snuck in some stitching time over easter. I love the way that blues and aqua greens play together and that you never quite know how it’s all going to look once they’re sewn up into balloons.


Now it’s just matter of choosing the final four for my new Emerald City hot air balloon kits and fabric panels. Tough choice. Normally as soon as I see the fabric samples printed a few jump out and a few can easily be binned. Not so much this time. There’s been a flurry of conversation over on facebook and instagram as to which balloons should make the cut. So far it’s looking like the solid colours will go, but I’m going to finish each of them beforeI make a final decision. I feel strangely attached to all of them. What do you think… ? I’d love your opinion too.



9 thoughts on “Emerald Easter stitching

  1. You need to pick four for the kits, right? I think you should keep the cross one, the triangled one, the solid-colored one (not the stripes) and the chevron-looking one. They’re all so pretty though…

  2. I love air balloons and this are so cute. I was looking for something to decorate a candy shop and definitely I will do something like this.

    I just found you blog and I find it very inspiring.

    Thank you and hope you ave the chance to take a look at mine ( I just started to post but soon it will be find with great posts )

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