Hot Air Balloon App launches!

Perhaps it’s the geek in me but I think that when technology and handmade come together amazing things happen. Just look at pinterest. Before taking the leap into crafty business I was a digital creative director making campaigns for big ad agencies. Today I’m launching a project that combines my two great loves – digital and craft.

I’ve been working on turning the Hot Air Balloon Mobile pattern into a Hot Air Balloon Tutorial app since late last year and I’m so proud to say it’s now singing and dancing in the iTunes store. Not only that but it’s the first sewing pattern app to be released, which I have to pinch myself to believe. First, people, first!


Click here to have a sneak peek…

I wanted to share more than just words on a screen to inspire and enable people to get hands on. I worked with an incredible team to shoot video demonstrations and gorgeous photography (thanks Meg and Matt!) for the app that accompanies step-by-step instructions and pattern pieces. There’s also a video stitch glossary and a gallery that I hope to fill with images of your mobiles so please send them in!

mobile loop from Craft Schmaft on Vimeo.

The Hot Air Balloon Tutorial App is now available on itunes for a special launch price of just US$4.99 for all my wonderful blog, pinterest and facebook followers. 

So thank you for being patient while it’s been quiet around here, I hope you like the app, I’d love to hear your feedback.

P.S. Android version coming soon too! P.P.S It may take a few minutes to download with all the beautiful videos and photography.


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